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Why Co-Working Spaces Aren’t Just About Rental Benefits Anymore?

In addition to affordability and convenience, Coworking spaces provide a lot of benefits to entrepreneurs that go well beyond infrastructure and logistics requirements.

Joint work as a concept was born when the home office proved to be insufficient for independent workers and young companies, which require a productive, creative and profitable work environment. More organizations are beginning to realize the merits of joint work and the fact that it offers great potential to foster growth, as well as to gain a solid business network organically.

This concept has not only proved to be a game-changer for young companies by providing infrastructure support and helping them gain legitimacy, but it has also given a new flow to the real estate industry in India. Co-workers have given way to a significant boom in real estate with more and more players investing in this segment.

A Brilliant Concept

A concept that was initially conceived for the convenience of new companies has proven to be a beneficial situation for everyone for the ecosystem consisting of large real estate, the community of new companies and even larger and multinational companies.

In addition to the aspect of affordability and convenience, Coworking spaces provide a lot of benefits to entrepreneurs that go well beyond infrastructure and logistics requirements.

One of them is the opportunity to establish contacts with other founders of new companies, discuss ways to overcome common challenges and extend empathy and support. The idea of ​​being surrounded by professionals with similar ideas and building a solid network today is at the center of joint work.

What Do People Really Want?

According to a recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) survey, people who operate from shared Coworking spaces are reported to have a prosperous level that reaches an average of 6 on a 7-point scale, which is relatively higher than the average for those who work in conventional offices.

Unlike traditional office spaces,  Coworking spaces combined with their non-compliant environment and easier to combine make the work environment less oppressive. Therefore, shared Coworking spaces are extremely pleasant for the mental and emotional health of entrepreneurs, who strive every day to make their businesses prosper.

It also gives community members the opportunity to participate in recreational activities and socialize, which is necessary to restart and improve productivity.

What Are You Offering?

To add to the above, the practical benefits of joint work include flexible leasing plans, free support staff, unlimited access to recreational areas and effortless maintenance of the office. The joint workspaces offer a plug and play model that adapts to any commissioning in scale and industry like a glove.

Not only does it work as a trouble-free agreement, but it also allows them to focus on the most critical aspects of the business, such as driving growth, scaling and acquiring the right talent.

In addition to making basic services available, exclusive coworking areas are trying to meet the unconventional requirements and work cycles of new businesses. The idea is to make office spaces as inclusive as possible with features such as gym, pet nursery, sleeping pods, etc. to adapt to the lifestyle of young professionals.

Therefore, it would not be incorrect to say that the areas of joint work are taking into consideration the challenges of running and being part of a new company and are moving forward to compensate them, in their own way.