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When setting up your coworking space, you must ensure that you include the appropriate coworking services. Whether you have a niche coworking space or a larger coworking business, you should include some basic amenities. Remember that 92 percent of coworkers are satisfied with the space they use, and providing adequate amenities can ensure that their members are part of that majority. While planning your business, try to include the following co-working space services. You should always offer coffee to your members, but you may want to go further with a more elegant coffee machine to distinguish it

Caffeinated And Caffeine-Free Drinks

Each traditional office has at least coffee and water and must have the same amenities in its coworking space. Roasted coffee locally is an excellent way to support local businesses. Consider expanding your offers to include organic tea or even mixtures of fresh juices.


Every successful coworking space should try to have at least some snacks on hand, and you can make this as simple or complex as you wish. Keep fresh fruit, bags of chips and other individually sized snacks. Some, like Coworking Labs, actually have a culinary concierge on hand to make tasty snacks.

Access Control

Access control systems are a key part of coworking spaces as they provide security and make it possible for members to enter and exit. Compared to other access methods, an access control system, such as that of Coworking Labs, is much more convenient since you do not need a receptionist or a security guard to constantly monitor who is entering. The best options can even be controlled through a smartphone for perfect access and without the need to carry additional items. While all coworking spaces offer wireless internet, ethernet connections can distinguish it.

Wireless And Wired Internet

It should not be said that you cannot have a coworking space without providing internet members. Be sure to include wireless and wired options to attract a variety of members, as does Coworking Labs.

Desks To Sit On

Instead of sticking to traditional desks for the comforts of your coworking space, stand out with desks sitting to stand. These allow members to stretch their legs whenever they want. Even have some desktops on tape. Just remember to offer a variety of seating options.

Telephone And Meeting Rooms

To maximize the productivity and usefulness of the members, each coworking space must have a place to hold a meeting or make a phone/video call as part of its design. These are crucial parts of any space and are incredibly common. You can find this service almost everywhere, even in Coworking Labs Panchkula.


Printing is a crucial part of any office, but you must decide how to incorporate this coworking service into your space. Will you provide unlimited free printing or give each member a limit of free pages? Or will they pay for each page? Look for ideas in other coworking spaces, such as Coworking Labs Chandigarh.


Offering yoga is a growing trend among coworking spaces, as it is a pleasant way for members to relax and take a break from their work. Some places, such as Coworking Labs Zirakpur, even offer other fitness classes. Just remember that if you offer any kind of class that allows members to sweat, you should probably also include showers and changing rooms.

Nap/Wellness Rooms

Many people will feel more productive if they can take a quick nap in the middle of the workday, so consider including a space for this among your coworking services. Consider something that saves space, such as the nap capsules found in Coworking Labs Panchkula. Include something like nap pods or even hammocks, so that members who need a quick rest don’t have to do it at their desk.

Great Staff

No matter what other amenities you offer in your coworking space, make sure you don’t overlook the importance of having excellent staff, such as Coworking Labs Zirakpur. If your team is friendly and knowledgeable, it will be much easier to attract members. Many experts indicate that coworking spaces that recognize that they are part of the service industry and contract accordingly have the best life cycles of the members.