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We Are A Place To
Start, Connect And Grow.

If you an entrepreneur, creative or wanderer looking for a place to cowork and be part of
a community – the Coworking Labs may be just the place for you.

Our Community is Unique

We invest a lot of time, effort and research in the design of shared office spaces in Panchkula, Zirakpur, and Chandigarh that cultivate collaborations, creativity, and innovation among our network of members.

We Are Leaders Coworking Industry

Coworking Labs is a co-working space where we plug you into a network of professionals, help you increase your business opportunities, and expand your market.

Be A Part Of Our Community

Maximizing potential, performance, and productivity.
The power of the Coworking Labs network.

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    Events & Programmes

Our Values

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Honesty, trustworthiness, and doing the right thing at all times.

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Transparent, genuine and honest…allowing you to feel comfortable doing you.

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Kindness & Respect

Appreciating everyone and treating everyone with kindness and respect.

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Paying Forward

Helping each other by recognizing needs with compassion and support

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We’re better building authentic, inspiring, and connected communities.

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We recycle and incorporate reclaimed materials and sustainable design into our spaces.

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Social Impact

We strive to make the world a better place by creating a positive impact and influence.

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We believe that diversity enhances innovation, creativity, and fulfilled lives.

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Simply put, we welcome everyone.

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We believe in working hard together and playing together.


Coworking Labs strives to provide high quality, flexible, collaborative spaces to entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and business professionals allowing our members to grow their companies and exceed their business goals.

Creating Collisions

The main reason we launched Coworking Labs is to create collisions. We believe that connecting people will create innovation in our community.
Start with our space, our events and, finally, two people who share a vision create something great.